Winnie and Chris: Fateful Beginnings

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Winnie and Chris: Fateful Beginnings

Maybe it was fate or simply love getting in the way but after meeting at work, Winnie and Chris got to know each other when they repeatedly found themselves in the same place at the same time. Working on the same projects, playing in the same lunchtime netball team and attending the same yoga class, Winnie speculated that maybe she had met the one. “On reflection, perhaps Chris was just following me around!”

Fast-forward four wonderful years when Chris seized the moment to propose to Winnie at Lake Como, set against the foothills of the Alps. The unbelievably romantic moment was enhanced when Chris showed a video of him asking Winnie’s father for his blessing for her hand in marriage. “As I realised what was happening, I started crying and don’t really remember much of what Chris said from that point,” Winnie says. A small handmade book as a proposal might not sound ideal, but for Winnie it was perfect. “It contained a number of sketches and draft designs for a beautiful vintage-style engagement ring,” Winnie says, as she remembers the magical moment. “He asked if I liked it and when I told him that I did, he took out a small box, which contained the actual ring!”

Plans for the big day soon took shape, with the couple wanting a fun and relaxed wedding day that had more of a party feel to it than a traditional ceremony. Nestled in the Hunter Valley, Winnie and Chris chose Circa 1876 as their venue, both wanting to celebrate outside of Sydney. “We wanted the wedding to be really fun for our guests,” Winnie explains. “Circa 1876 is full of old-world charm and has a lot of character. It also allowed us to have the ceremony and reception in the same venue, which was ideal.”

Family ties proved a strong theme for the wedding day, too, with loved ones from all over the world coming together to honour Winnie and Chris’s love. “Reflecting on the day, the emotion that I remember most vividly is probably gratitude,” Chris says. “I felt very thankful to have such amazing friends and family support me through my life and it was awesome to have them there to celebrate that special moment with Winnie and me.”
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Words: Daria Kurilo
Photography: James Bennett Photography