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Designer Profile: Matthew Ely

Matthew Ely creates fine handcrafted jewellery to reflect your unique love story


How did you get into the bridal industry and what motivated you?

I have a strong family history in the jewellery industry. My parents owned a well-established jewellery business in Western Sydney where I grew up surrounded by precious stones and exquisite designs. My childhood interest transformed into a professional passion that I pursued both at home and abroad, learning and refining my craft alongside some of the most experienced jewellery makers in the world. Marking a significant turning point in my career, I channelled my passion for design and creating custom pieces for my clientele into my own business venture. In 2014, I opened my own luxury boutique and workshop in Sydney’s Woollahra and I have since established myself as a leading luxury jewellery designer and gemmologist in Australia.

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What services do you offer and where?

I provide a bespoke service designing custom wedding jewellery for brides- and grooms-to-be with each piece as unique as each couple’s love story. I also source some of the world’s rarest and most exquisite gems to create stunning pieces for my clientele. My bespoke jewellery design services are offered through my boutique in Woollahra, Sydney, with my other luxury pieces available for purchase online nationwide.

What should brides expect at Matthew Ely?

I believe the experience of the Matthew Ely boutique is deeply personal and ultimately delivers a tailored design that meets the individual needs and desires of my clients. When creating a bespoke piece, I begin by building a solid rapport with my clients, which begins by inviting them into the boutique for a one-on-one consultation. Once in the boutique, clients are able to go into detail about what they are looking for in their dream engagement ring or statement piece. Once clients have decided on their desired ring style, diamond (shape, cut, colour and clarity) and precious metal for the band, I begin the process of drafting sketches of the piece so that they can visualise how it will look once complete. I try to make these as realistic a representation as possible, as I believe it is crucial to ensure the end product closely resembles the dream piece that the client had in mind.

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Do you have a signature style? If so, can you describe it?

I would say my signature style focuses on incorporating little hidden beautiful details within my designs. It’s about creating a piece that will look just as beautiful, say, under the ring as it does from the top, that is tailored with hidden details that only the owner knows about and can be incorporated across all of my engagement ring styles, from classic halos to small diamonds on a man’s wedding band.

What trends have you noticed in the bridal industry?

This year, we have seen a noticeable increase in more embellished engagement ring styles that feature larger diamonds and luxury gemstones such as sapphires. We have also seen a rise in client requests for engagements rings to be updated three or four years post-wedding to suit contemporary styles, tastes and the latest fashion trends.

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Where do you get your inspiration from for your designs?

I often find myself drawing inspiration from a variety of sources, but overall I’m extremely inspired by art deco. It’s definitely a style that has pushed me to design a certain way and filtered down through my collections. In terms of bridal collections, my designs are clean and not over embellished, so for me the inspiration here is creating an exquisite piece that possesses a sense of timeless elegance.

What advice would you offer brides to help them through the big day and on into marriage?

As a jeweller, I would advise brides to find a wedding ring that truly reflects their love for their partner and can serve as a daily reminder of their nuptials into their first stages of marriage. Creating a bespoke piece allows couples to be involved in the design process and create a ring unlike any other that can be cherished forever.

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What’s your advice to the brides/grooms that come into your store on choosing the right ring?

Whether you’ve known what you’ve wanted for years or are still undecided, there are some key considerations for couples. Firstly, I’d suggest choosing a shape and design that suits the hand of the bride. Secondly, I’d recommend couples become familiar with the four Cs (colour, cut, clarity and carat weight) and discuss these characteristics with your jeweller so that you are familiar with the diamonds in your future ring. Consider your materials, each of which can alter the look, feel and value of your ring. Your next step will be to decide on your preference both in taste and budget, how each will work in conjunction with the overall ring design as well as the diamonds chosen for your ring. Finally, when creating your bespoke piece, try to incorporate personal touches that will serve as a constant reminder of you and your partner’s unique love story.

What do couples need to have before they come to see you?

I offer a complete service for my clientele including taking them through the concept, design and production phases of their bespoke piece. However, I do suggest prospective couples come in with a rough idea about what they are looking for including the shape, material and design.

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Finally, what was a highlight wedding for you and why was it so special?

I find it hard to pick just one highlight wedding as they all have a special moment that you can appreciate for many years to come. However, I would have to say my own wedding holds many incredibly special memories for me. It’s not the table decorations or what brand of champagne you are drinking, but rather the true meaning behind why you are getting married, as well as the love and closeness you feel when you take this extra step of commitment. I think this is what makes weddings so special, getting to be a part of that wonderful aura, and, for me as a jeweller, I feel blessed to be able to be involved in a couple’s big day.



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