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Bridal Body

With a few months to go before the big day, now is the ideal time to devise an effective eating plan to shed some unwanted kilos, maintain your weight or shape up to ensure you feel fit and fabulous in your wedding dress — and on your honeymoon. Linda O’Byrne, nutritionist for Atkins Nutritionals, the original low-carb eating experts, has put together some tips to get your pre-wedding diet plan started — based on reducing your carbohydrate and sugar intake — to ensure you see lasting results in time for the big day and for anniversaries to come.

Make a plan

Just as you plan your table settings, flowers and photography, you should plan your weight loss. Gaining weight takes time and losing weight can, too, especially if you want to keep it off — so don’t leave it until the last minute!
Think long-term loss, not fad fasting
By choosing a diet plan that encourages eating readily available, natural foods, such as lean meats, leafy green vegies, low-sugar fruits, including berries, and wholegrains, you’ll find it easier to stay on track than with plans that require you to purchase every meal. It’s also important to eat meals that are satisfying, so you’ll be less likely to crave sugary snacks, rather than starve yourself on a soup diet and then blow it all at the burger bar when it gets too tough.

bridal body

Love is in the air, do it in a pair

Could your betrothed trim down a touch before the big day, too? Or your bestie? Why not make losing weight a team effort? By pairing up, especially with your partner, you’ll find it easier to make healthy eating a natural part of your routine. Plan meals together, go shopping for ingredients and make cooking tasty, healthy dinners part of date night. If your fiancé happens to be super slim already, rope your mum or maid of honour in for moral or carb-counting support.

The pantry purge

Whatever your willpower, leaving the pantry packed with binge-worthy foods or filling the fridge with processed, high-carb, sugary snacks is setting yourself up for failure. Before you begin your Atkins journey, get rid of foods likely to sabotage your weight loss efforts and stock up on fresh vegetables, lean meat, fish and healthy fats, such as avocados, almonds, and olive oil.

Look ahead

Make a habit of planning your weekly meals and shopping for ingredients at the start of each week to minimise the chance of last-minute takeaways or fast-food deliveries at the end of the day. You can even do a weekend cook-up and freeze favourites ahead of time.

bridal body

Don’t skip meals

The more meals you skip, the more likely you’ll binge eat afterwards. Rather than missing meals, try to focus on portion control and eating small, nutritious meals throughout the day such as high-fibre vegie sticks, eggs, chicken and lean meats. Avocados and nuts are great snacks and Greek yoghurt topped with berries and slivered almonds makes a super-speedy, healthy (and yummy) breakfast.

Breakfast is best

We have to agree, breakfast is the most important meal of the day — even though it’s also the most likely to be skipped. A healthy breakfast jump starts your metabolism and keeps you feeling full for longer. Short on time? Make a tasty brekky quiche ahead of time or snack on fruit and an Atkins bar on the go.

Sample size

Tasting food and cakes is one of the most enjoyable parts of wedding planning and just because you’re trying to trim down doesn’t mean you should miss out. Sample away before the big day but make sure that on those tasting days, you pay close attention to sticking with healthy low-carb meals before and after — or go for an extra run or exercise class to make up for those delicious desserts.

bridal body

Keeping track

You’ve probably got a wedding folder or planning app, right? Well, just as you keep track of your costs, orders and suppliers, keep track of your food consumption, too. Atkins provides free support tools such as meal planners and carb counters to help monitor progress.

Establish a wedding workout

Building your wedding-day body is about more than just healthy eating, it’s also about moving — and the best way to ensure you’ll stick to your exercise plan is to find a workout that works for you and that you enjoy. Whether it’s dance, cycling, netball or bushwalking, exercise will help keep your stress levels and your waistline in check. Join an activity with your partner or wedding party if you’re more motivated to go along in a group.


Edited: Daria Kurilo