4 jewellery must have’s

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4 jewellery must have’s

Shine like a bright star on your wedding day with these prime cuts, intricate pieces and jewellery must-haves


Tiny treasures

BGB Jewellery



The team at BGB Jewellery combine superb craftsmanship and stunning style to bring you authentic Italian pieces. Established in 1993 by Italian master jeweller Giovanni Blanco, the brand has been creating custom pieces ever since. The Western Sydney-based store offers a one-of-a-kind interactive jewellery experience. All the best brands are at your fingertips and you can get an insight into life on the other side by watching the brand’s jewellers work their magic at their in-house workshop.



One of a kind

Luminate Pearls


Encouraging women to embrace their own beauty, Luminate Pearls follows the motto “what makes you different is what makes you special.” The team handpicks each and every one of their pearls, ensuring they are the brightest and of the highest quality. They only source naturally farmed pearls and can guarantee that none of their pieces are dyed or coloured — all colours are 100 per cent natural. The pieces are not your usual white and round pearls as the brand focuses on pearls that are colourful and will suit any style. Offering earrings and pendants, this is the “something new” that you’ve been looking for.



Forever and ever

K-sta and K-sta 2


K-sta is an Australian-owned business based in Sydney that began in 2015 specialising in men’s wedding bands made of tungsten carbide. Today, K-sta offers a large range of designs made of precious metals, including yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum and palladium. Each tungsten carbide piece is individually handcrafted using the highest-grade elements, making them incredibly durable pieces that will last a lifetime.



The jewel in the crown

SK002ER_WG and SK011BR_02_WG


Steven Khalil has always been synonymous with red-carpet gowns and aspirational couture both on the runway and down the aisle. His expertly designed and detailed pieces are known for their quality and craftsmanship. Now, the designer has decided to launch a new limited-edition jewellery collection available to purchase in store and online via the e-boutique. In a move to diversify the brand and make his designs more widely available, Steven feels this new collection is a step in the right direction.