Jessica Minh Anh’s J Spring fashion takes to the sea

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Jessica Minh Anh’s J Spring fashion takes to the sea

On March 14th, Jessica Minh Anh wowed Sydney set against the backdrop of its iconic harbour.

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Jessica Minh Anh, model and catwalk producer took to Sydney’s harbour for her 12th and latest show. Jessica has dominated various global landmarks transforming the most unlikely spaces into a catwalk and wowing guests across the globe. London’s Tower Bridge, the Grand Canyon and the Eiffel Tower have all set the stage for models in the past, and Monday saw Sydney’s turn to take centre stage.

Jad-Ghandour-@-Jessica-Minh-Anhs-Spring-Fashion-Show-Sydney-2016-1 8

Chotronette-@-Jessica-Minh-Anhs-Spring-Fashion-Show-Sydney-2016-2 4

Guests stepped aboard the Costa Luminosa anchored close to Bradley’s Head, and made their way up through the boat to the top deck of the cruise ship for a catwalk with a view rarely experienced.

Jessica-Minh-Anhs-Spring-Fashion-Show-Sydney-2016-Chotronette-design 5

With the magnificent backdrop of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House, the J Spring Fashion Show presented six designers; Begitta, Rouba.G, Jad Ghandour, Syeda Amera, Beverley Riverina of Blackhills and Chotronette.

Rouba.G-@-Jessica-Minh-Anhs-Spring-Fashion-Show-Sydney-2016-1 6 Beverly-Riverina-@-Jessica-Minh-Anhs-Spring-Fashion-Show-Sydney-2016 7 Jad-Ghandour-@-Jessica-Minh-Anhs-Spring-Fashion-Show-Sydney-2016-1 8 Begitta-@-Jessica-Minh-Anhs-Spring-Fashion-Show-Sydney-2 9

A beautiful mix of styles and designs were showcased including Begitta’s bridal wear replete with tulle, dusty pink tones and sweetheart necklines, Jad Ghandour’s sophisticated silhouettes dotted with dark sequins and dashes of white and gold and Rouba.G’s colourful creations, many of which seemed to be inspired by tropical birds with their bright pops of pinks, oranges and blues and extravagant shapes.

Jessica-Minh-Anhs-Spring-Fashion-Show-Sydney-2016-Rouba.G-5 10

Orchestral music accompanied, setting the scene as the models showcased both haute couture and ready-to-wear pieces with the sun, sea and sensational city-scape behind them.