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Complete Wedding is a leading bridal magazine. This is the one-stop destination for every bride-to-be! Featuring the latest bridal news and products, inspiring real weddings, a complete range of fashion, beauty, reception and honeymoon ideas, as well as planning articles and tips to ensure your big day is stress-free. You will be inspired by our regularly updated features and informed with our comprehensive directory of suppliers.

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Complete Wedding Sydney issue 41 is out now, with 15 inspirational weddings and more than 250 gorgeous gowns!


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With 150+ beautiful brides and 21 gorgeous real weddings, Complete Wedding Melbourne issue 41 is out now!

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Here's what some of our readers had to say about Complete Wedding magazine...


I had no idea where to start, the magazine did all the searching around for me and gave me great options all in one place! Kara Fleming, 27 years.



Complete wedding magazine is the source for my cake design, and also gave me the little gifts I've won from facebook which I've decided to include into my bridesmaid giftbags. The wedding gowns and makeup styles throughout the magazine have helped me determine my final gown, hair and makeup for my big day.
The tips for photographing well have been a bonus as I've now found it easier to look more relaxed in photos which gives me plenty of time to practice before the day arrives.
Angela Martin, 33 years.



Quality and quantity at a very good price! Rebecca Lynch, 23 years.



Such value! Complete Wedding is the ultimate wedding magazine, it's classy with over 500 pages of inspiration and ideas Janelle Joppich, 24 years.



I purchased Complete Wedding Sydney because everything is so beautifully illustrated, and with lots of competitions Daniela Jovceski, 25 years.



The front cover was gorgeous and it was recommended to me by a friend who used it as her wedding guide! Sarah Tompkins, 28 years.



After spending half an hour in a shop looking at the front pages and special details, Complete Wedding was far more appealing than every other mag I looked at Brooke Sampson, 23 years.



Great ideas, prices and the most recent fashions from experts. Complete Wedding was a great price compared to other bridal magazines Josie Alvis, 22 years.



I was immediately impressed by the amount of information, the beautiful photos and in particular, the Real Weddings section - and what great value for money! Bronwyn Tyson, 25 years.



Complete Wedding Sydney had fresh ideas and amazing Real Weddings. It offered me a choice of unique wedding ideas Gillian Oliver, 22 years.



Complete wedding magazine is such a great resource, it has really helped me plan and research my big day. The magazine is not only helpful but a great read too! Jessica Somers



I Love the Complete Weddings magazine! It's become my bible that I've used to get ideas, hints and tips from for a large majority of our wedding plans.

It's so informative and entertaining and I never get bored of rereading through the ones I've got.
Angela Martin



I would just like to thank Complete Wedding Magazine for all the help and assistance that has been crucial in the planning of my wedding over the last 12 months. I truly believe Complete wedding was an integral part of my planning process as most of the ideas, thoughts and inspirations I have had was due to an article, picture or real wedding from the magazine. Made my planning experience a breeze! P.S I think I will have to purchase the magazine after I am married... just so I don't have withdrawals :)

I wish complete wedding all the best and can not thank the team enough for fantastic production of a truly helpful and wonderful magazine.